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I am a fine artist living and working in West Cork, Ireland. I am also and an Interior Designer and have worked in this profession for over 16 years between Ireland and Canada. I have an interior design studio in Skibbereen, West Cork where you can find my latest Artwork for sale, you can find out more about this by visiting INDIGO WEST.


I have always had a keen interest in Art from a very young age, I definitely knew it was my calling in life. It wasn’t a viable option to become an artist back in 80's Ireland and so I discovered design as an alternative to this. Which has been a massive benefit to my art business as far as understanding design software and design aesthetics. 

Whilst living in Canada for 8 years I studied Classic Realism in ‘Nicole Sleeth Atelier’, It was during this time that my creativity ‘sparked’. I learnt how to draw from life drawings and still life painting, along with studying and copying the old classic style painters, such as Rembrandt, and Monet. I used different mediums such as Charcoal, Conte and Oil paints, to create a painting likeness. It was an amazing experience and it defiantly helped shape my eye for color form and detail, which in turn gave me the confidence to start practicing art as a profession.

It wasn't until i returned to Ireland that I started to find my own voice and began experimenting with mixed media. I had the space to paint big and the time to practice different styles. This eventually transitioned into abstract pieces, I still however dabble in realism which I find very therapeutic as the process is slower and it can focus me. 

My work has an abstract ethereal quality which is characterized by a color palette I use, layering a mixture of muted deep tones and splashes of bright color to strike a balance. I use a mixture of inks, acrylics, spray paint and even oils in my pieces depending on the mood I want to create in the work. My work is definitely driven by color and flow. My compositions can be a delicate balance of intricate forms and concentrated layers of color. I work intuitively and like to formulate interpretations of nature in my head and then onto  canvas.

​ ​

My work is held in private collections all over the world and my ocean inspired abstracts are currently being represented by ‘Art 5 Gallery’ in Brighton, UK.

Rocky Beach
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