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I am a visual artist based in the west of Ireland. I find I intuitively work with colours and shapes taking my inspiration from nature's diversity, geometric shapes in nature, the earth from above, and the strange and unusual world of micro nature. When I paint, I feel like I am engrossed in a world where creativity takes precedence. Most of my large pieces have textural quality created by different layers and sheens of the different materials that I mix together. I use a mixed range of materials from oil paint, inks, acrylics, spray paints, pastels, and resin.

My art journey began as a young child and I never had any doubts that my life would involve some type of artistic endeavour. I have been working as an Interior Architect for over a decade a lot of which was spent in Vancouver, Canada. I began taking classical realism classes at Nicole Sleeth Atelier in Vancouver, it was here that I grew my passion for fine arts. The old classics inspired me to continue to find my own style, which eventually transitioned into abstract pieces where I feel the artistic freedom to portray who I truly am as an artist. I find inspiration in seeking out the truly amazing beauty of the world around me in all its colours and forms and translating these visions into my artwork.

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Skibbereen, West Cork, Ireland